If you are in the logistics business, you always need to know where your land, sea or transportation vehicles are. This information will either make or break your business. There is a solutions provider that will help with the tracking devices that you need and that is Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc. or FAME.

FAME provides reliable, secure, easily deployable and affordable solutions to connect devices for real-time intelligent monitoring and management of resources in maritime, aviation and land transportation enterprise applications. It has tracking devices for all your logistical requirements.

It provides maritime, aircraft and vehicle transponders or tracking devices. FAME’s maritime transponders can track and monitor vessels in real-time, whether it be on your desktop computer or on your mobile device. These tracking devices can be installed on any vessel classification, from the biggest used by cargo companies to the smallest fishing boats used by fishermen. The transponders are configurable, comes with an IP66 case, has independent messaging, GPS and sensors capability.

FAME’s Aircraft Transponders, on the other hand, can track and monitor general aviation aircrafts in real-time. They also make use of FAME’s very own gateway that can see and detect the overall air traffic. The tracking devices are strong and durable, are configurable and have independent messaging and GPS and sensor capability.

Their vehicle transponders are more affordable than SIM-based GPS trackers and can be installed on any vehicle, whether it be used for fleet, public transport, logistics or trucking. These tracking devices are easy to install, configurable, come with durable casing and have independent messaging, GPS and sensor capability.

If you avail of FAME’s tracking devices, you can be assured that the company will manage these sensors in real-time displayed on a map with triggers and alerts. They also have the capability to monitor, configure and send commands to these devices in real time, eliminating manual checks and configurations.

The reports can be customized to suit your needs. Data can be archived for later use. The sensors also come with a search functionality with filters are also included to be able to get the historical information to be used for planning and analysis.

There are so many other things that you can do with FAME’s tracking devices. These transponders can be used to transmit data from digital and analog sensors to a gateway via radio frequency which then sends data to the cloud.


FAME transponders also allow you to:

  • Connect pressure sensors which can be sent to the cloud for real-time monitoring of temperature at a dynamic frequency;
  • Select real time location at a pre-defined frequency of sending. This can be triggered by default or manually activated by the user;
  • Connect pressure sensors to determine pressure changes and even the flow rate by sending real-time information at a dynamic frequency;
  • Connect to a Smart Meter to be able to receive real time current, voltage, power factor and other readings related to the electricity monitoring;
  • Connect PIRs or Utrasonic sensors to be able to determine if there are movements in particular area or room to determine unauthorized entry; and
  • Connect to a tablet or smart phone via Bluetooth or OTG and send information such as messaging or data gathering forms to the cloud in real time.


So what are you waiting for? Contact FAME through www.fameph.com so that you can have your transportation vehicles tracked any time, anywhere.