Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc. or FAME, which is founded by Junjun Fetizanan, basically creates devices similar to Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Automatic Identification System (AIS). Vehicle, aircraft, and marine transponders monitor and ensure safe travels on land, air, and water, respectively. What sets it apart from its competitors is that FAME makes use of radio waves instead of satellites. Relying on solar energy, the transponders also relay data in real-time, keeping its users up to date on not only the location of the vessel, but on its needs as well.

Aside from ensuring the safety and security of vessels, FAME’s marine transponders are also being used to identify which vessels are engaged in illegal and unreported fishing. In 2014, the Philippines was given a yellow card by the European Union, as the country was unable to combat Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. If the country would remain lax on the issue of IUU fishing, the EU would ban Philippine seafood products in all of Europe; which may lead to grave repercussions on the country’s economy, as the continent is one of its biggest markets. The Philippines quickly responded and amended its Fisheries Code – all vessels must install Vessel Monitoring Measures (VMM) as mandated by law. This ensures that all vessels stay in their designated areas and do not engage in illegal practices.

FAME presents itself as a cheaper and more efficient alternative to ADS-B and AIS, making it easily accessible to owners of small-scale vessels. It also has an app that helps fishermen keep track of how many fishes they have caught, making sure that they comply with “national and international market requirements for ensuring that consumers receive legal, eco-friendly, properly labeled seafood products,” (US Embassy in the Philippines, 2018). Not only would it support the fishermen because it keeps them from overfishing, the country would also attract more markets because of its practices which guarantee sustainability.

Among the industries that are affected by climate change, it could be said that none of them are hit as hard as the agricultural sector. Changing temperatures disrupt harvesting patterns, heat waves and flash floods destroy crops, and rising water temperatures cause marine life to die and make fish travel farther from their usual spot. Steps must be taken to ensure sustainability so that these people could bring food to their tables, and companies like FAME are leading the way.