Real-time locations can be tracked through systems, which have been widely used by businesses and enterprises for years. Real-time locations are used to track and locate inventory, fleets, vehicles, and targets.

In terms of position, real-time locations are determined by identifying a particular spot on earth using the geographic coordinate system, and on the other hand, location is referred as a specific place on earth. There are different ways to identify real-time locations, and they are:

  • Through Radio Frequency Identification (RFI), which can only operate at a close range (within a few feet at most)
  • Through Wireless LAN, which can locate WLAN-connected devices inside the facility or campus.
  • Through Mobile Cellular, which allow mobile operators to services that need locations, and allow first responders to send out emergency response personnel to the correct location where they are needed.
  • Through Global Positioning System (GPS), which can only track locations outdoors.
  • Through IP Geolocation, which connects the users to different websites based on the presumed location of the IP address.

Real-time locations can be used in fleet-tracking, wherein they use GPS technology. The businesses and enterprises can track, analyze, and monitor the activity of their fleet in real time. They can also track the location of vehicles, the speed of the vehicles, optimize routes for the vehicles, schedule jobs, help in navigation, and monitor how efficient the drivers of the vehicles are.

Real-time locations - FamephReal-time locations can also be used in navigation. The systems can provide directions for the vehicle how to arrive at Point B, from Point A. With the utilization of GPS, mapping, and mobile cellular technology, navigation of fleets will be easier and more efficient.

Real-time locations can aid in tracking inventory and assets. Having RFID readers placed at certain points in the facility will enable businesses and enterprises track and record inventory that enters and leaves the facility. When tagged items are brought out from authorized areas, the system can make an alarm go off.

Real-time locations can also be applied to tracking personnel using GPS technology in their mobile phones. Businesses and enterprises can track their personnel whether they are within the range of a specific location where they are supposed to be.

Real-time locations can be utilized in network security. Using Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) will restrict eavesdroppers and outsiders from accessing enterprises and businesses.

Given the many uses of real-time locations, consider getting trackers or transponders for your business or personal vehicles not only for transparency but also for efficiency.