Some may see a vehicle transponder as something that’s not really necessary in a car, truck, or van. But when a car gets stolen or when a delivery truck loses track of its destination, wouldn’t a transponder be helpful in those situations?


First things first —as gas prices continue to rise, time sure is money to every vehicle owner. If you’ve got a vehicle transponder, it’ll be easier to know your location in real time. Knowing the best or fastest route will help you save on fuel consumption which could also emit less carbon in the air.


Especially if you’re a logistics or delivery company owner, the need for a vehicle transponder is essential in many aspects. With a transponder, you could avoid extra spendings for fine payments in case overspeeding occurs as a tracker could detect when a vehicle gets past a speed limit. With a vehicle transponder, you could know a van or truck’s arrival and departure time which you could also forward to the client expecting the delivery for easier communications. The delivery status makes a customer satisfied with your service which may lead to a better business relationship and of course, profit increase.


Achieving this level of efficiency in a business would mean better turn-arounds for projects and of course, more potential customers and business opportunities to come.


Having a vehicle transponder could also secure your assets. Car theft is always possible, so better be equipped with a tracking device that would help you locate a car’s location in case it gets stolen.


FAME or Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc is a tech startup which makes transponders for different kinds of vehicles that basically tracks and monitors a vehicle’s speed, location, and path that needs no telco connectivity. The FAME vehicle transponders are easy to install on any kind of vehicle and are configurable for when you need to send custom commands to the connected vehicle/s.


Through transponders such a that of FAME’s, vehicles makes travels, may it be for air, sea, or land safer and more efficient.


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