IOT, or Internet of Things, refers to all the physical devices in the world that are connected to
the internet. Anything can be included in the IOT- from wearable devices to household
appliances, and even huge machines such as jet engines. As long as it has an ON/OFF switch,
then it can be part of the internet of things. Basically, the internet of things is a community of connected things and people. Connections and interactions can be made between device-device, people-device, and people-

What can be an Internet of Things device?

Any physical object can be an IOT device. If it can be connected to the internet and can be
monitored and controlled through the internet, then it can be considered as an IOT device.

There are also numerous other devices that can be connected to the IOT, but that does not
mean that everything should be connected to the internet.

What can ” Internet of Things” do?

With the IOT, doing things will be faster, easier, and more efficient. It can save time, money, and
effort during the entire process. It will help big enterprises and businesses with how they
manage the business. They will have better and more access to their data about the products
they offer and their internal systems, which will also make it easier for them to create changes.

Manufacturers can now know how their products are performing based on the data that the
sensors transmit back to them. Companies can identify whether a component is on the verge of
failing, and they can immediately have it changed before it causes any damages.

With the internet of things, surroundings- homes, offices, transportation- are “smarter” than before. Smart
speakers such as Google Home can make playing music, gathering information, and setting
timers easier. Home security systems can make monitoring indoors and outdoors easier, and
even light bulbs can be smart by having the capacity to be controlled through another device
such as a mobile phone. The internet of things can now make everything measurable, faster to understand,
and easier to identify, opening up more opportunities for faster development.

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